George Sells is the owner and founder of George Sells Media, a boutique, all-encompassing media agency. He works as an anchor and host for KMOX Radio, a reporter and producer for HEC-TV, and has provided branded content for clients ranging from the automotive world to public education.

He has spent a big chunk of the last few years on the cutting edge of virtual reality and 360 video. More specifically, he's been breaking new ground in the space where VR and news gathering meet. His entire career has revolved around best in class, effective communication and journalism.

As General Manager of the news division at MANDT VR in Los Angeles, Sells built the foundation for an organization set to gather news in VR/360 around the nation. He identified and developed best practices for gathering, producing, and editing news in the VR space, and doing it in a time frame acceptable for daily news coverage. Part of this process involved shooting, producing, editing, and publishing stories himself. Sells produced nearly 50 VR/360 stories on his own, and received MANDT VR's first Emmy award in the process..

He also identified and hired reporters in multiple US markets, trained them in VR, equipped them with the right gear and the began the process of having them produce material.

While this was going on, he identified a need for some broadcast groups to learn VR news gathering for themselves. Sells put together a consulting plan that would allow broadcasters and other digital creators to enter the VR space efficiently and affordably. He ran business development for this wing of the company.

As part of an emerging VR startup, Sells was also involved a variety of other company projects. These include the implementation of content procedures for an OTT app developed for Podcast One, writing of pitch deck material aimed at a variety of major clients, and testing of cameras and live stream technology for a number of projects.

Prior to that, as Public Information Officer for St. Louis' top prosecutor, Sells was involved in crisis communication at the highest level as well as vital reputation management activities for the agency leading the charge against crime in the community.

All this was preceded by more than two decades as an award winning television journalist in some of the nation's highest quality and most competitive markets. Sells has told the story and broken down the information from all sides in his lengthy and diverse career.